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Inequalities in end-of-life care still exist

Heather Richardson

"I live in a society where I get good end-of-life care regardless of who I am, where I live or the circumstances of my life" The above statement has been written from the perspective of someone nearing the end of life. It represents one of six positive ambitions for palliative... Read full article

Importance of social care in promoting personalised end-of-life planning

John Powell

I have worked in social care for the past 36 years. I started my professional life working with children, before transferring to the adult world in 2000. In my new role I started to have frequent involvement with people who were dying. I became aware of the variable practice that... Read full article

So many reports, so much consensus, yet still so much need for change

Charles Turton

The end-of-life care world cannot complain about a lack of associated reviews and reports—my own database has 48 from the UK since the national End of Life Care Strategy was published 7 years ago (Department of Health 2008). Read full article

Hospices have an important part to play in the lives of people with dementia

Marie Cooper

Dementia is now one of the biggest global public health challenges facing our generation and one which is emerging as a new challenge to those who are involved in end-of-life care provision (European Association for Palliative Care, 2013). Read full article

End-of-life care is everybody’s business

Penny Hansford

The last 5 years have seen the largest number of reorganisations the NHS has ever known. Social care budgets have been cut by 20% at the same time as the demographic impact of people living longer with multiple co-morbidities is being realised (Local Government Association and Association of Directors of... Read full article

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Principles and Practice of Palliative Care

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