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End of Life Journal is a free online journal published by St Christopher’s Hospice, 51-59 Lawrie Park Road,
London SE26 6DZ, UK.


End of Life Journal is an open-access, peer-reviewed, quarterly journal that publishes articles on all aspects of nursing practice relating to end-of-life care. It is primarily aimed at generalist nurses working in hospital, community and care home settings. However, many articles will also be of interest to the specialist palliative care audience. The journal focuses on care for patients with both malignant and non-malignant disease and their family and friends.

The journal publishes articles relating to clinical skills and symptom management as well as clinical reviews, ethics and the law, primary research and audit, clinical practice development, professional issues and debate. Each issue will have an article relating to communication skills. The journal is keen to publish nursing assignments and will help students to adapt their course work into articles.

Archives of End of Life Care

The website for End of Life Journal will store all the archives for End of Life Care, the quarterly print journal that was published by HealthComm UK, Suite 3.1, 36 Upperkirkgate, Aberdeen, AB10 1BA; www.endoflifecare.co.uk. This journal ceased publication in November 2010. There will be open access to these archives.

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